I live in a small wood in southern Denmark. I grew up on Jack London stories and devoured any book to do with the Arctic and dog sledging. In 2006 I encouraged my Danish wife to move to Greenland and we spent seven years learning about one of the most exciting countries, peoples and cultures in the world.

While in Greenland I started writing stories set in Greenland and the Arctic. I graduated from Falmouth University with a Master of Arts in Professional Writing (Distinction) in 2015, shortly after moving back to Denmark. I now make my living writing crime novels and thrillers set predominantly in the far north.


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  1. Hey Gary!

    Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to hear someday say they like what I am writing, and I appreciate it. Also, the fact that you are enjoying the short stories makes my day because there’s a lot of experimentation going on there – playing with POV and character arcs. A bit experimental.

    Thanks again again for reaching out.


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    1. It’s great to hear from you, Christine. I’m so pleased you enjoyed Seven Graves. Book 2 is a little different, and three is just plain dark. 🙂 But I’m on this journey with Maratse, and I think it’s great when other people join us for the ride.

      Have a great day – you just made mine!


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  2. I have read all the books set in Greenland and other parts of the Arctic, in fact everything apart from the Aussie books (I think!) All the short stories, which I enjoy and keep me going until the next novel. I think you can guess that I love the books. The Konstabel was brilliant and a great female role model (despite her problems) and I am probably a little bit in love with Maratse. They are crime thrillers but so much more. I’m on the journey!
    Keep writing
    June Palmer

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  3. Hi June!

    Your message has picked me up on a slow writing day – I successfully caught my wife’s cold, despite her attempts to dissuade me! 🙂

    I really appreciate your comments on my books. I sometimes feel I have been awful to Fenna, put her through so much, but I need her to be strong and fearless for book 4 (currently playing around with it). As for Maratse (yes, he is lovely), it’s fun, he’s getting more and more lines as the books develop – I blame that on Petra.

    As you can see, these characters are quite real in my head. I’m so pleased you are enjoying them too.

    Plenty more books on the way!

    Thanks again!


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  4. Currently a furloughed worker in the uk, have just finished virusi…… how timely as you say. Love the short stories. Beginning to think Greenland should be visited at some stage. Well the accessible bits anyway. Thank you for such wonderful stories

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    1. Hi Colin.

      You are very welcome. I’m sorry to hear about your situation, and I am very humbled that you chose my books as distraction. If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for my newsletter as I often give books away for free. I hope your situation changes very soon.

      Thanks again for reaching out.


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  5. I just discovered your books. As an indy writer/publisher, I understand the enormous effort to write, edit and then market the “little darlings”. However, to do all that and have a great result is a treat. Tight prose, compelling characters and good plot…no easy task to bring that all off and still have the energy to market. Hats off to ya~

    Just want to say that Maratse is sticking with me. Thought about him all day yesterday whilst I was hiking. Good job!

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    1. Hi Sarah

      Thanks for reaching out. I really appreciate your comment and your feedback. From one indy to another a heartfelt thanks! I’ll be sure to check out your work. Happy hiking!


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