Pen Names

There are a lot of myths to publishing, and I am as guilty as the next author for believing them. I also read a lot about author branding when studying for my Master of Arts in Professional Writing. I have branded Christoffer Petersen as a writer of crime and thrillers set in Greenland, and I am happy with that. But crime and thrillers are not the only books I read or write. I enjoy all kinds of books, from fantasy to science fiction, non-fiction environmental books, and books full of zombies. I enjoy writing in some of those genres too, but I believed that I would hurt my brand if I wrote apocalyptic fiction as Christoffer Petersen, or if I jumped into hyperspace instead of onto an ice floe. So I created a couple of pen names for the purpose of exploring other genres. If I was to do everything over again I might write everything under one name, but I am kind of attached to Zoe McGuire and her apocalyptic fiction, and Bran Nicholls’ science fiction stories. So, in an attempt to blow my cover, here are the links to my pen name pages.