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The Greenland Trilogy featuring Konstabel Fenna Brongaard of the Sirius Sledge Patrol. There are three books in this adrenaline-fueled action series set in Greenland. The Ice Star also features Constable David Maratse from Seven Graves, One Winter. The Greenland Trilogy includes:

The Ice Star, In the Shadow of the Mountain and The Shaman’s House

The Greenland Crime Series featuring retired Police Constable David Maratse, with Sergeant Petra Piitalaat Jensen. There are currently three books in this international mystery and crime series set in Greenland. The Greenland Crime series includes:

Seven Graves, One Winter, Blood Floe, We Shall Be Monsters and Inside the Bear’s Cage

The Arctic Short Story Series featuring Constable David Maratse. Each novella is between 60 and 80 pages, and explores a case from Maratse’s past, prior to events in The Greenland Trilogy and The Greenland Crime Series. The Arctic Short Story series includes:

Katabatic, Container, Tupilaq, The Last Flight, The Heart that was a Wild Garden, Qivittoq, The Thunder Spirits, Iluliaq, Scrimshaw, Asiaq, Camp Century, Inuk, Dark Christmas, Poison Berry, Northern Mail, Siku and Virusi

The Dark Advent Series featuring Police Commissioner Petra
Piitalaat Jensen. Set several years in the future, the Dark Advent books feature many of the characters from earlier books, including Gaba Alatak and Atii Napa.

The Dark Advent series includes:

The Calendar Man and The Twelfth Night

The Polarpol Series features native Icelander Hákon Sigurdsson and other characters, assigned to a Polar Task Force, plagued by politics and a cast of international adversaries as they assist local police forces to clear up crimes across the Arctic. There are 9 books planned for the series including:

Northern Light, Mountain Ghost (coming soon)

The Wild Crime Series featuring father and daughter Jon and Emma Østergård is set in Denmark and further afield. The wild crime books follow wildlife biologist Jon Østergård as he struggles to help humans come to terms with wild packs of wolves. The wild crime series includes:

Paint the Devil, Lost in the Woods, and Chernobyl Wolves

The Danish Crime Series featuring Scottish-born Danish detective Freja Hansen. Set partly in Scotland, but mostly in Denmark, the series follows Freja’s early career as a detective in Sønderborg, southern Denmark. The series begins with an introductory novella set in the Highlands of Scotland, and includes:

Fell Runner and Blackout Ingénue

Stand Alone Crime Novellas featuring bank robbers in Australia, and an Audrey Hepburn-fixated ballet dancer turned serial killer in Copenhagen. These stories explore different themes with the potential for expansion into longer works and series in the future.

Pulp Driver and Danish Design

The Greenlander Series introduces undercover Greenland cop Eko Simigaq. Eko’s spends his life in the shadowy world of drugs and organised crime, surviving on his wits and an uncanny talent to blend in. His success is often tempered with a concern: just how deep is Eko’s cover? There are currently 3 books planned in The Greenlander series:

Narkotika and Greenlander (coming soon) and Arktika (coming soon)

The Guerrilla Greenland Series is more of an indulgent and reactionary set of stories inspired by current events, and speculation about the future of Greenland and the Arctic. The Guerrilla Greenland series includes:

Arctic State and Arctic Rebel

The Ice Circus blends big-top showmanship with the dark magic of the Arctic, as Ice Master Erroneous Jeremiah Smith steals a ship and scours the ice-choked coast of Greenland in search of performers and mythical beasts. The first book in the series is:

The Ice Circus

The Bolivian Girl is a hard-hitting action thriller that pulls no punches. It starts with a black-ops operation in Bolivia, and the discovery of a mute young woman. But when the American Special Forces operators try to determine her identity, it’s not long before they wish they hadn’t.

The Bolivian Girl


My books are full of my words, the covers are predominantly my own, and now I’m going to add my own voice to my stories.

I’m about to take the first steps on an exciting journey, and I hope you’ll tag along.

While I plug the last holes in the studio, absorb everything I can about narration, take some lessons, make tonnes of mistakes… yes, when all that is done I’ll be sure to update this page with more information, and the links to my future audiobooks.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple of covers.

Giving Back

I worked as a teacher in remote Arctic communities in Greenland, and fell in love with the spirit and drive of the Greenlandic kids I met in school, at the kaffemik (birthday parties), at local events, squeezed into helicopters, and, not least, at the school dog sledge race!

I’m giving back to the kids that made my life “interesting” (for interesting read equal parts inspiring and exasperating) through the sale of my novella The Heart that was a Wild Garden, featuring Constable David Maratse. I’m giving 100% of the royalties for sales of ebooks and paperbacks. It’s also possible for readers and visitors to my page to give directly to the Association for Greenlandic Children via the button below. Please be aware that the donation page is in Greenlandic and Danish.

You can read a little more about why I want to contribute to the Association for Greenlandic Children, in Danish and Greenlandic, on the charity’s website.

But, if you haven’t read The Heart that was a Wild Garden allow me to present it briefly here. This book is the 5th in the series of novellas (about 70 pages each) in which we follow Constable David Maratse prior to events in The Ice Star and Seven Graves, One Winter.

The Heart that was a Wild Garden

When a young couple bring home a newborn baby, Police Constable David Maratse must take care of their challenging nine-year-old girl before the family self-destructs.

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I live in a small wood in southern Denmark. I grew up on Jack London stories and devoured any book to do with the Arctic and dog sledging. In 2006 I encouraged my Danish wife to move to Greenland and we spent seven years learning about one of the most exciting countries, peoples and cultures in the world.

While in Greenland I started writing stories set in Greenland and the Arctic. I graduated from Falmouth University with a Master of Arts in Professional Writing (Distinction) in 2015, shortly after moving back to Denmark. I now make my living writing crime novels and thrillers set predominantly in the far north.



Do you have questions or queries about my books then please drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

For questions regarding English, World English, Foreign and Film rights please contact me directly.

For questions regarding Foreign rights for Seven Graves, One Winter and the 3 sequels please contact: Copenhagen Literary Agency