The Ice Circus

I, Captain Erroneous Jeremiah Smith, am a traitorous, treasonous mutineer, sentenced to death in London and all the darkest corners of His Majesty’s Empire. This is my story.

Shortly after bluffing his way onto The Narwhal to join the search for Sir John Franklin in the Arctic, Ice Master Erroneous Smith commandeers the vessel to seek out mythical polar beasts and Inuit performers.

Pursued by the Royal Navy Smith must draw on his knowledge of the Arctic and the skills of his crew, if he is to evade capture and fulfil his dream of creating the world’s first floating circus.

The Ice Circus is a fantastical and chilling adventure set in the heyday of Arctic Exploration, drawing on the author’s own experience of living in the far north of Greenland.

Blending the bright lights and showmanship of the circus with the dark magic of the Arctic, The Ice Circus is for fans of Philip Pullman and Naomi Novik. If you like stories of polar pursuit, Northern Lights, and shamanism then you’ll love The Ice Circus.

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