Arriving late to the party…

Ten years late to be exact, but damn it was worth the wait.

Until yesterday, Gorky Park has been my “go to” crime thriller book, with repeated readings. I have to say it though, it looks like I am going to have make time for regular rereads of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

I love Sweden, and I enjoyed the setting, but it was Blomkvist and Salander that stole the show, and their interaction.

I need to read more, and I am curious to know more about Stieg Larsson. The little I have read about Larsson and the distribution of royalties to his father and brother rather than his partner got me thinking. I had been worried that under Danish law my own father would be entitled to a share in the sales of my books in the event of my wife and I dying at the same time. However, I recently discovered via social media that he died a little over a year ago, so… problem solved.


I guess I must be channeling a little of Salander. 🙂

So, tonight, if I get my writing done for the day, I’ll be watching the film with Daniel Craig. I heard the Swedish film is better, but I can really imagine Craig as Blomkvist.

Of course, I could always start reading book 2…