Yukon Dad!

It can get way too serious writing thrillers and crime books, so it’s great when real life stories get in the way. It’s taken a while, but that Yukon book is finally making an appearance – although, not quite yet. In March, 2018, curious readers will be able to discover how I survived as a surrogate dad on the Yukon River for fifty days.

I’ll bust a myth right from the get go – mum and dad paddled with us – but we shared the kids, one in each canoe, for the entire journey.

Yukon Dad┬áis a story about an ex-outfitter canoe, four adults, and two wild (read “great”) kids, travelling from Canada into Alaska on the Yukon. We survived Search and Rescue attempts, avoided wildfires, navigated the Flats, shooed bears away from camp, and met the locals, and thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the people of the Yukon.

Along the way, I learned a lot about myself, and what it means to be a parent, if only for a short time. Cue chapters on “lessons learned” and “survival strategies” for parents lost in the wild, or just lost.

This honest and humorous story is framed from the author’s perspective – that would be me – and his (mine) lack of experience of travelling with kids, or even being around kids for such a prolonged period of time. If you want a laugh about that, and I certainly hope you do, then you can pick up a cheap pre-order kindle copy of the book at Amazon.

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