Two Men
Thirteen Dogs
One Storm

When hurricane-force winds ravage the ice-locked barren Northeast coast of Greenland in the depths of winter, a team of two men and thirteen dogs from the Sirius Sledge Patrol are cut off from the outside world.

As the other Sirius patrols wait out the storm, first year patrolman Mikael Gregersen and his patrol Oversergent Noa Andersen must work together to defeat all odds and bring the patrol home, relying on training, instincts, and imagination to survive the most vicious storm on record.

In this short story introducing the Sirius Sledge Patrol series of stories and novels, we follow Mikael Gregersen during his first year with Sirius, and learn about that fateful mission when he was separated from his team on the unforgiving coast of Northeast Greenland.

It’s a story of two men against the elements in the harshest climate on Earth.

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