Zoe McGuire

Books by Zoe McGuire

End of the Line, End of the Line #1

It’s the End of the Line for FEMA Agent Jaylen Lewis

Celebrating her last day as a firefighter with the Anchorage Fire Department, Jaylen Lewis was looking forward to a whole weekend free – no shifts and no studies – before starting her new job as assistant area manager for Alaska, at the FEMA office in Anchorage.

Two days and three nights of fun and relaxation.

But as a virus threatens to wipe out the east coast of America, Jaylen is promoted to area manager, and finds herself responsible for the future of the Last Frontier.

To save Alaska, Jaylen is going to need help. She finds it in the shape of City Engineer, Nathaniel Canizales.

With the weight of Alaska on her shoulders, and as North America crumbles, Jaylen realizes that no amount of training and study will prepare her for what she must do to save the State, or at least some of it.

End of the Line follows Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Agent Jaylen Lewis as she is tasked with closing that last border, and getting the survivors out of pandemic-stricken Alaska and into safety.

It’s Alaska.

It’s the Last Frontier.

It’s The End of the Line.