Bran Nicholls

About Bran Nicholls

It’s always good to have an alter ego – or two – here’s how Bran appears in the back of the books:

You’ve heard it before, but there’s no getting around the fact that Bran, like many of his generation, is a Star Wars fan. Yes, Han Solo is his favourite character. Yes, the Millennium Falcon is his favourite ship. And, yes, Empire is the best film, although Rogue One is a strong contender.

Bran’s science fiction authors of choice – the books he reads – include Peter F. Hamilton, Neal Asher, Dan Simmons, with a particular fondness for the late Ian M. Banks’ Feersum Endjinn – read it, you’ll love it!

Bran is Welsh for raven, and Nicholls is Bran’s mother’s maiden name. The name conjures up images of his pipe-smoking gardening grandfather – an aircraft mechanic stationed in the desert during the Second World War – and Bran’s grandmother, and her recipe for Welsh cakes in particular.

Bran lives in a small forest in southern Denmark. There’s a raven wing tucked in the garden gatepost, and a rusty old spacefighter mothballed in the garage.

As you can see – there’s nothing wrong with his imagination.

Bran is currently working on series one of The Shroud Discord.

Books by Bran Nicholls

Enter the Shroud, The Shroud Discord #1

When a district curator receives data augments, the addition of stealth combat skills surprises him until he is tasked with his first mission – infiltration of The Shroud.

The Shroud has never been seen, never been mapped, never been found, until now.

“Enter the Shroud” introduces a star system that has been wrapped in a cloak of silence, secrecy and speculation for over an aeon, until a chance encounter reveals a splinter in what could be a system-wide shield, and a tiny window of opportunity.

“Enter the Shroud” is a short story introducing “The Shroud Discord”, and setting the scene for the first book in the series: “The Vault”.