Are you ready for an adventure?

It’s such an important part of who we are – to explore, and to go on an adventure. It’s also a privilege that not everyone is able to … what exactly? I was going to use the word afford, but it’s less about money and more about state of mind. To go on an adventure, long or short, is about having the right state of mind, the right attitude. Having the right skills is a bonus, but wanting to do something is perhaps even more important. I saw the British adventurer Benedict Allen speak in Glasgow, Scotland. I remember being impressed by his comment that anyone can call themselves an explorer if they want to know what is around the corner. Curiosity then, is the sign of a true explorer.

Added to that though, well, it’s the beard that does it.

Sunburn, a beard, and the smell of living outdoors for over 50 days, that was where curiosity took my wife and I, our friends and their two kids, when we paddled the Yukon River in 2016, from Canada into Alaska. I’ll be writing about that soon, but in early 2016, writing as Christopher Paton, I teamed up with those same friends Lars Simonsen and Suzi Oud from Life is GOOD follow us to co-write Life is GOOD follow us: a family kayak odyssey 7,300 kilometres from Copenhagen to Istanbul. Lars and Suzi took their two kids on an epic 18 month kayak expedition through Europe. When they came back, Lars and I wrote the book. It was published just before we left for the Yukon.

The Yukon book “Yukon Dad: 50 days on the Yukon River with kids” is the story of our adventures in the wilds, including bear encounters, search and rescue operations, meeting people of the First Nations and Native Alaskans. It’s also the story of our ex-outfitter canoe with the rather unimpressive name “306”.

The adventure books are in various stages of development, but they all have one thing in common – the author name: Christopher Paton.

Yukon Dad is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

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