The linked headings are writers and adventurers with whom I work with.

The links in the “inspired by” notes after each heading are simply that – for inspiration only. I am not collaborating with these people or companies in any way, although I would welcome the opportunity.

Isabella Muir

for Cozy Mysteries inspired by Agatha Christie

Sarah Acton

for Poetry inspired by myth, Britain’s Jurassic coast, and the sea

LIFE IS GOOD follow us

for Family Adventure inspired by Alastair Humphreys’ Microadventures and Dave Cornthwaite’s YES Tribe

Christoffer Petersen (Goodreads)

for my Fiction books, inspired by Peter Høeg, Martin Cruz Smith, Robert Ludlum, and Jack London

Christoffer Petersen (Soundcloud)

for Audio excerpts and readings from my works and others – in progress

Christopher Paton

for my Nonfiction books and adventures inspired by Robert Perkins, Alan Kesselheim, and Benedict Allen. (Christopher Paton USA link)