In the Shadow of the Mountain

Konstabel Fenna Brongaard has killed for the first time, and only now is she ready for her next assignment.

Haunted by the events surrounding the luxury adventure cruise ship: The Ice Star (book 1), Fenna has to pick up the pieces and return to Greenland as a shadow agent loosely connected to the Danish national intelligence and security authority, PET.

Last time, fighting to clear her name in the barren Northeast Greenland National Park, Fenna exposed a conspiracy surrounding a foreign power seeking to undermine the Danish sovereignty mission in the Arctic. This time, Greenland is only the tip of the iceberg, as Arctic and non-Arctic nations alike lay claim to the greatest prize in the High Arctic: the North Pole.

On her return to Greenland, Fenna discovers that the demons haunting her past pale in comparison to those threatening her future.

In the Shadow of the Mountain is the second book in Christoffer Petersen’s adrenaline-fueled Greenland thriller series. If you like Matthew Reilly’s Scarecrow Series and Bear Grylls’ Will Jaeger books then you’ll love Christoffer Petersen’s raw action thriller.

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