Greenland Missing Persons

The Greenland Missing Persons novellas take the reader back in time to the beginning of Constable Petra “Piitalaat” Jensen’s career on the Greenland police force. Infused with a little Greenlandic magic, the novellas in this series are lighter and cosier than the stories in the main series of novels starting with Seven Graves, One Winter. However, just like the twenty novellas featuring Constable David Maratse, these stories are inspired by the author’s experiences while living and teaching in Greenland, together with the geography, culture, traditions, and mythology of one of the world’s most exciting and remote countries.

The series starts shortly after Petra graduates from the Police Academy in Nuuk, Greenland. Christoffer was privileged to teach English at the Police Academy during his last year in Greenland. The stories, however, are more far more fiction than fact, with an emphasis on drama and character than real-life police work.

Petra is the star of the series, supported by Tuukula, a shaman, and his daughter, Luui, together with recurring characters, including many from the author’s previous works. Yes, Maratse does make an appearance once in a while.

To date, the series includes the following novellas, with more on the way:

The Boy with the Narwhal Tooth

Greenland Missing Persons #1 (81 pages)

When a young Greenlandic boy is reported missing almost 12 months to the day he disappeared, newly trained Police Constable Petra Jensen travels to the far north of Greenland to find him.

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The Girl with the Raven Tongue

Greenland Missing Persons #2 (74 pages)

When a girl’s shoes are found beside a dead raven, and the search for her body is called off, it is left to Police Constable Petra Jensen to close the case and allow the parents to grieve.

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The Shiver in the Arctic

Greenland Missing Persons #3 (105 pages)

As the temperature plummets and the residents of a remote village shelter during a particularly vicious winter storm, Constable Petra Jensen picks up the pieces of an old case to pass the time until the temperature rises.

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The Fever in the Water

Greenland Missing Persons #4 (XX pages)

When the water supply in a remote settlement is poisoned, all available evidence suggests the culprit is a man who went missing several years earlier, and it is Constable Petra Jensen’s job to find him.

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The Winter Trap

Greenland Missing Persons #5 (XX pages)

The fifth novella in the Greenland Missing Persons series is scheduled for 2021. More information to follow.

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