Giving Back

I worked as a teacher in remote Arctic communities in Greenland, and fell in love with the spirit and drive of the Greenlandic kids I met in school, at the kaffemik (birthday parties), at local events, squeezed into helicopters, and, not least, at the school dog sledge race!

I’m giving back to the kids that made my life “interesting” (for interesting read equal parts inspiring and exasperating) through the sale of my novella The Heart that was a Wild Garden, featuring Constable David Maratse. I’m giving 100% of the royalties for sales of ebooks and paperbacks. It’s also possible for readers and visitors to my page to give directly to the Association for Greenlandic Children via the button below. Please be aware that the donation page is in Greenlandic and Danish.

You can read a little more about why I want to contribute to the Association for Greenlandic Children, in Danish and Greenlandic, on the charity’s website.

But, if you haven’t read The Heart that was a Wild Garden allow me to present it briefly here. This book is the 5th in the series of novellas (about 70 pages each) in which we follow Constable David Maratse prior to events in The Ice Star and Seven Graves, One Winter.

The Heart that was a Wild Garden

When a young couple bring home a newborn baby, Police Constable David Maratse must take care of their challenging nine-year-old girl before the family self-destructs.

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