Expedition Poetry and Paddling Tails

Paddling Tails, it’s a terrible pun, but not so far from the truth. Canoeing big lakes and rivers and sledging in the Arctic has been a big part of my life. I’ve got the scars, the screw-ups and pictures to prove it, and now three books of memories preserved in poems, paddling and dog tales, collected with articles and interviews covering my life in the Arctic, expeditions, and future exploits.

To date, the series includes:

Seven Settlements

Expedition poetry and paddling tales from Greenland (XXX pages)

In the summer of 2010 Christoffer spent a month paddling solo in Arctic waters, between the settlements of Uummannaq fjord, on the west coast of Greenland, over 600 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

A month of reflection, mishaps and deep-nature experiences shaped Christoffer’s expedition and his future, as Greenland carved its way deep into his soul.

Seven Settlements records Christoffer’s expedition in poetry and prose, as he recalls his experiences of paddling past calving icebergs in dense fog, fending off hungry sledge dogs on tiny uninhabited islands, and fighting katabatic winds, coursing down ragged mountain valleys into the freezing waters of the fjords.

Christoffer spent seven years in Greenland, and now makes a career of writing about his experiences through fictional novels, reflective essays, and poetry inspired by the raw power of the Arctic and the people of Greenland.

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Yukon 306 (2021)

Expedition poetry and paddling tales from the Yukon and Alaska (XXX pages)

In the summer of 2016 Christoffer Petersen spent two months paddling in a small group, including his wife, their friends and two kids, on the Yukon River, paddling from Whitehorse (Canada) to Tanana (Alaska).

At a crossroads in his life, the two months of reflection, bears, mosquitoes, and distant forest fires helped shape Christoffer’s future, as he paddled deeper into the wilds and discovered his place in nature.

Yukon 306 records Christoffer’s experiences on the expedition in poetry and prose.

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Polar (2021)

Polar Poetry and Dog Sledging #1 (XXX pages)

Since his early teens Christoffer Petersen has dreamed of the north. This collection of poems, articles, interviews, anecdotes, and diaries charts the author’s first experiences with sledge dogs in Arctic Norway, to America’s east coast, a forest in Thetford, England, and, finally, to the sea ice of Greenland and his own team of 16 Greenland sledge dogs.