David Maratse

Constable David Maratse

I first met Constable David Maratse when he popped into my first novel The Ice Star. He reminded me of the hunters I met in Greenland, a cigarette stuck into the gap between his teeth, and a faraway look that was more or less permanently fixed on the ice.

Maratse is a hunter. He’s also a part of the community, for better or worse, something which I explore through a series of novellas set in Greenland, prior to the events of The Ice Star and Seven Graves, One Winter – the first novel featuring Maratse as the main character. There are currently six novellas, each of which are roughly 60-80 pages long. The series grows as the stories develop.

All of Maratse’s novellas are set in Greenland before Maratse was forced to retire

In his own quiet, unassuming way, Maratse encouraged me to write a full-length novel to explore his character after the events in the Greenland Trilogy (see the Fenna Brongaard series of Arctic thrillers). Seven Graves, One Winter was Maratse’s debut. It introduced the character of Petra “Piitalaat” Jensen (although she does feature in the novella Container).

My editor thought there was something special about Seven Graves, One Winter, and she was right. The book was noticed by a French editor, which led to agency representation with Copenhagen Literary Agency, and, to date, translation rights sold to three countries.

Seven Graves, One Winter led to two sequels with more books and spin-offs on the way.

Each novel features aspects of Greenland culture and tradition

Maratse’s stories are really just beginning, as is his life together with Piitalaat. But to find out where it all began, we have to go all the way back to Maratse’s early years, starting with the short story Talisman, available soon for readers interested in signing up for the Greenland Crime newsletter. More about that to follow, but until then, here’s a teaser of the cover.

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