The Greenland Trilogy featuring Konstabel Fenna Brongaard of the Sirius Sledge Patrol. There are three books in this adrenaline-fueled action series set in Greenland. The Ice Star also features Constable David Maratse from Seven Graves, One Winter.

The Greenland Crime Series featuring retired Police Constable David Maratse, with Sergeant Petra Piitalaat Jensen. There are currently three books in this international mystery and crime series set in Greenland.

The Arctic Short Story Series featuring Constable David Maratse. Each novella is between 60 and 80 pages, and explores a case from Maratse’s past, prior to events in The Greenland Trilogy and The Greenland Crime Series. 100% of the royalties from sales of book 5 will be donated to the Association for Greenlandic Children.

The Dark Advent Series featuring Police Commissioner Petra
Piitalaat Jensen. Set several years in the future, the Dark Advent books feature many of the characters from earlier books, including Gaba Alatak and Atii Napa.

The PolarPol Series features native Icelander Hákon Sigurdsson and other characters, assigned to a Polar Task Force, plagued by politics and a cast of international adversaries as they assist local police forces to clear up crimes across the Arctic.