Blackout Ingénue Map

Sønderborg, Denmark

Sønderborg is one of the larger cities in southern Denmark. Rich in tradition, Sønderborg is a city of significance with regard to the Schleswig War fought between Denmark and the German Confederation in 1864.

It’s also my closest city.

I’ll be updating this page with the different places mentioned in Blackout Ingénue, such as Marcello’s and Restaurant Colosseum, but until then, I’ll leave you with a behind-the-scenes photo from the crime scene at the Alsion Concert Hall. (All links in Danish language.)

The “gantry” in Alsion.

Søren and Stine were the perfect guides on a tour of the Alison Concert Hall. We found plenty of places for all sorts of crimes. A quick disclaimer: Søren is the Stage Manager, but he is not the inspiration for any of the characters in Blackout Ingénue. Just wanted to add that, for obvious reasons.

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