Are you ready for an adventure? Writing as Christopher Paton, I teamed up with Lars Simonsen from Life is GOOD follow us to co-write Life is GOOD follow us: a family kayak odyssey 7,300 kilometres from Copenhagen to Istanbul. Lars and his partner, Suzi Oud, took their two kids on an epic 18 month kayak expedition through Europe. When they came back Lars and I wrote the book.

Reading about adventures and expeditions is fun, but joining them is a whole other kind of fun. In 2016, my wife, Jane Petersen, and I joined Lars, Suzi and the kids on the Yukon River, travelling for 50 days from Canada and into Alaska.

Yukon 306: 50 days on the Yukon River with kids is the story of our adventures in the wilds, including bear encounters, search and rescue operations, meeting people of the First Nations and Native Alaskans. Follow the journey of our ex-outfitter canoe “306” and join us on the river this December.

Yukon 306 includes portraits and expedition illustrations by Bitten Kari.

Can’t wait for Yukon 306? You’re in luck, Life is GOOD follow us is available on Amazon.

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