Christoffer Petersen

Writing stuff about yourself is right up there with promotion – challenging at best. The chances of writing something silly are high, and I just can’t seem to get it right. So, let’s keep it simple:

I live in Denmark and I write about Greenland. Why Greenland? Well, I lived and worked there for seven years, in Uummannaq, Qaanaaq, and in the capital of Nuuk. Greenland has left its mark on my soul and on my body in the form of various scars – mostly tooth-shaped, not all of them canine.

I ran with dogs, paddled with whales and slept far too close to a calving glacier. In between, I watched Jason Bourne movies on DVD.

The Ice Star is my first thriller.


Well, that went well. How about a longer version?

I was born in 1973. Eloped with my Danish girlfriend, and married in Glasgow, before moving to Denmark. No kids, but at one time we had a modest pack of 13 less-than-tame Greenland Sledge Dogs.

I’ve been a canoe guide, climbing instructor, team-building facilitator, teacher, and am now working on writing for a living.

We’ve swapped our view of glaciers, whales and monster bergs, for a secluded forest with buzzards, deer, and moles the likes of which I thought only existed in China Miéville’s Railsea* (imagine the worms from Herbert’s “Dune”).

I don’t believe in bucket lists, but I do believe in having dreams and working steadily towards them. And that’s basically what drives me and my writing – dreaming big.

Not sure how the long version went, but it’s over now.

Move along.

Nothing more to see here.

*Bonus info, my favourite Miéville book has to be Kraken. Although, I might be in a minority there.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Funny guy. Like your books and looking forward to your development of the inspector. Btw, really liked your short stories.

    Gary Carlberg


  2. Hey Gary!

    Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to hear someday say they like what I am writing, and I appreciate it. Also, the fact that you are enjoying the short stories makes my day because there’s a lot of experimentation going on there – playing with POV and character arcs. A bit experimental.

    Just curious, what other authors are you reading?

    Thanks again again for reaching out.



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