Aarluuk Press

Aarluuk is Greenlandic for orca.

When the aarluuk were in the fjord I chose not to paddle my kayak. Paddling with humpback whales is one thing. Orca? Well, that’s a whole other animal.

Aarluuk Press is in the publishing vehicle for Konstabel Fenna Brongaard’s Greenland Trilogy, starting with The Ice Star. There are plenty of books in the works, and the trilogy is just the beginning. There is a certain policeman from The Ice Star who is quietly demanding his own crime series – be sure to come back for more news about that series later.

While Aarluuk Press is predominantly interested in thrillers and crime books set in Greenland and the Arctic, it is not adverse to venturing south once in a while, including an ongoing project set in Venezuela. Love in Caracas is a long-running project currently in development.

In the meantime, you might like to check out Aarluuk Press’ The Ice Star available on Amazon.

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