New Series – Greenland Missing Persons

Greenland Missing Persons #1

I won’t hide the fact that I enjoy writing novellas. I think of them rather like episodes in a series I’d like to watch. But, after writing 20 episodes in the Constable David Maratse series of novellas, I needed a new angle.

Petra helped.

The Greenland Missing Persons series of novellas, of which The Boy with the Narwhal Tooth is the first, are inspired by the classic “what if?” What if Greenland had a missing persons desk? What if Petra Jensen discovered it by accident, and what if she started solving the cases?

The idea has been bubbling for a while, and now it’s out there, with the first novella.

The basic premise, set in a “blurred timeline”, takes us back to Petra’s first year on the job as a police constable in Greenland. She is fresh out of training, and has not yet met David Maratse at this point in her life – although I am sure he will turn up in a cameo at some point, as will other familiar faces from my Greenland books.

You’ll meet some interesting and varied characters who help and hinder Petra along the way, including Tuukula, the seventy-year-old shaman with a twinkle in his eye, and Luui, his five-year-old daughter. Oh, and Sergeant Duneq, who makes it his mission to derail Petra’s career at every opportunity.

At about 80 paperback pages per novella, the Greenland Missing Persons stories are quick, immersive reads set in Greenland, the Arctic, and Scandinavia. Not as bloody or violent as my main series of novellas, think “dark but cosy” reads, perfect for winter evenings, or when you’re looking for pure escapism.

The Boy with the Narwhal Tooth is available for pre-order now, and scheduled for release on July 30. It will also be enrolled in the Kindle Select programme for Amazon subscribers.

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