Research is Murder!

A murder… right here, in the middle of it all!

In April last year I spent a few bizarre hours discussing how to get rid of bodies in the local concert hall. The local concert hall is nothing less than Sønderborg’s Alsion, a very modern Danish building that shares facilities with the University of Southern Denmark. There’s a lot of glass, wood, and really long drops from the very top of the building, straight down to the actual concert hall.

Partners and co-conspirators!

Søren the Stage Manager and Stine from the Press and Communication office generously gave me time to explore all of Alsion’s darkest and deepest corners. Several times during the tour, I made them both show me that their mobiles were switched off… I mean, the things we were discussing… criminal, I tell you!

Lots of strange places to hide bodies – right at your feet!

The purpose of the tour was to give me an idea of just how one could get away with murder in one of Sønderborg’s most famous attractions. I say get away with it, but I’m not so sure about that. You see, I’ve put Detective Freja Hansen on the case.

I needed to get to know Freja before I could write the Sønderborg book, so I sent her on a run through the Highlands of Scotland – she was born in Scotland. Of course, fell running is tough at the best of times, but with a killer hidden among the runners, well… it got out of hand quite quickly.

The novella: Fell Runner, allowed me to get to know Freja, which is good, because she’s needed now, as there has been a murder in the concert hall.

I won’t give you all the details, but I will share a teaser of the cover. The building on the front is Alsion.

Blackout Ingénue – book 2 in the Detective Freja Hansen series.

Blackout Ingénue is scheduled for release on June 9th, and you can pre-order it for not a lot of money from Amazon US, UK, Canada and Australia. It will go up in price once the pre-order period is over.

That’s it for now.

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