Narko Tika

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It’s a struggle sometimes, deciding what to write and when, and I often use my characters to guide me into the next project. But while the character of Constable David Maratse is quietly insistent about the book projects revolving around him, the main character of “Narkotika” is downright evasive.

The idea has been kicking around for a while, and then I met Simon Kernick in Iceland – great guy and fantastic author. A member of the Iceland Noir audience asked him if it was difficult keeping things realistic and in-keeping with real life police practices. He said that a policeman once told him there aren’t really any rules for undercover work, so he could make stuff up. I like making stuff up, just like I am paraphrasing what was said during the panel, but I took careful note of that little nugget from Simon.

So, in keeping with making stuff up, I am excited about my new character, Eko Simigaq, an undercover Greenlandic cop with a talent to blend in with seriously unpleasant folk. That probably says more about Eko than I want to reveal at the moment. Suffice it to say, he’s pretty tough.

I’ll be revealing a little more about Eko and the plot and settings for “Narkotika” soon, but in the meantime, I need to fiddle with some link buttons so readers can actually discover “Narkotika”. The book will be available across all platforms, including Amazon, from August 1, 2019. Until then, “Narkotika” is available for pre-order from:

The Pen Name Apocalypse

I’ve been threatening to reveal a pen name or two for a little while and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity.

One year after I was in Alaska, I had sudden withdrawal symptoms, together with a heavy injection of apocalyptic “things”, like the lawn, stuff that needing fixing around the house, more grass and everything that had nothing to do with what I like to think of adventure. As I struggled with my new status as house owner – first time in forty-four years (pause to contemplate) – my thoughts drifted to the end of the world.

I wasn’t quite ready to embrace a pandemic – not personally, so I chose a pen name: Zoe McGuire.

A year or so later, and I’m a little jealous that Zoe gets to have so much fun writing about the end of the world, so I’m claiming the book!

I’ll continue to write the Apocalyptic Romance(ish) stories as Zoe, but I’m going to make sure that the print is on my fingers too!

You can try Zoe’s book (it’s mine!) at

Amazon US, UK, Canada and Australia

and on KOBO.