“Working Titles”

It’s snowing. Again. This is a good thing. In fact, we get so little of it that… well, that’s another post.

“The Girl”, a concept drawing for a children’s book – A Moonlight Climb

This post comes hot on the tails of a lot of “sustainability” talks I have had with myself, as in how to be creative, not get bogged down in any one series or type of novel, story, or genre. The talks themselves were “interesting”, with plenty of “am I talking to myself?” moments. The answer is “yes”, but I got a lot done, and plenty sorted out.

So, I have plenty of “working titles” in the works, across all genres. Sure, I’ll stick with Greenland Crime Thrillers, but I need to mix it up some more.

“Mother’s Plane”, a concept drawing for a children’s book – A Moonlight Climb

Which brings me to A Moonlight Climb. It’s a children’s story about a young girl in Alaska, waiting for her mother to fly home, through the mountains. It’s a cloudy, stormy night, and the girl strikes a bargain with the moon to shine the way for her mother.

“Through the Mountains”, a concept drawing for a children’s book – A Moonlight Climb

I usually write storybeats when structuring my novels and novellas. This time though, storyboards are the key to getting it finished. The idea has been put on hold several times, perhaps this spring will see it come to light? I’m sharing the initial outlines here as a reminder to myself that I need to be finished soon.

Of course, if any real illustrators happen to see this post, and feel “inspired” to get involved, please feel free to drop me a line.

As for my inspiration, yeah, that would be Alaska… again.

Fun Year Ahead!

I know, I know, it was 2016 when I was in Alaska, but hey, photos from Alaska make me seriously happy, so I’m just going to go with it… plans for 2020 are in development though, and Alaska, yeah, #gonnahappen!

So, last year was crazy. I quit my job in December 2017 and decided to “become” a full-time writer from January 1st, 2018. Several sleepless nights ensued as I tried to get my head around slashing my income by about 90% and staring a hungry mortgage right in the face! It was “fun” for the first quarter of 2018, but then things started to change, and people started to buy my books, and quite a lot of people liked them.

A golden moment, right there, and especially when one reader in particular compared my novellas to Jack London! Yes, right there, sold! And suddenly those pictures of the Yukon and Alaska are totally relevant. Phew!

My modest (read, practically nothing) income doubled within the first few months and quadrupled by the end of the year. Still modest, still low (poverty bracket in Denmark!) But damn, if it ain’t fun!

Other things happened in the course of the year, too.

I needed a book agent all of a sudden, because the bigger publishers still deal with agents. So, I found a very reputable agent in Copenhagen and went from Indie author to Hybrid almost overnight.

By the last quarter of the year I was on a high as Seven Graves, One Winter was picked up for translation in three territories. I went to Iceland Noir and met a whole bunch of amazing people – authors, publishers and not least readers!

Amazing, as in Yukon/Alaska amazing.

December too was a fantastic month for sales, best ever, and the word is getting out there, about my books, but also about Greenland, including how to help Greenlandic kids and students improve their lives, studies, and their future.

So, what’s next?

The short answer is plenty, and lots of it. But that makes no sense. What might make sense is the “going wide” approach to my books in 2019, i.e. finding other distributors, not just Amazon. I have no problems with Amazon, and I look forward to continuing to release books via the KDP platform, but I need to spread the love, as they say – some people do, I’m sure of it! Today is a bit of a landmark with the release of Piteraq on Kobo, available via Walmart and Kobo’s own store. More books will follow soon…

I have other plans and a whole lot of book projects to be written, not least Maratse 4, PolarPol 2, and even a Fenna 4 somewhere in the works. But short stories are on the way too, starting with Spirit Hunting (imagine more Jack London in Greenland!) A short story of about 25 minutes reading time. There will be more.

But 2019 involves plans for so much more.

Dare I say that audiobooks are in the works, and some gritty, longer books that are screaming to be written, then there’s other pen names to be revealed – still working on that one, trying to convince myself it is a good idea to reveal all!

That’s it for now though… too excited to type!

I hope everyone’s 2019 started well, and not with a broken boiler and no heating for four days just when your parents arrived!

More soon!