We Shall Be Monsters

A quick post to say I changed my mind about the title for book three in the Greenland Crime series*. Maratse was going to return in a book called Feral, but the more I got into it, the more it niggled. So, Maratse will return in time for Christmas – yes, I said the “C” word – in a dark book with an appropriately dark title: We Shall Be Monsters.

Here’s the blurb for what promises to be a really rough ride!

An extreme environment calls for extreme methods if retired Greenlandic Police Constable David Maratse is to catch a sadistic killer.

When the body of a missing teenager is discovered, Police Sergeant Petra Jensen’s stiff and bloody clothes are found beside a nearby hole in the sea ice. The local police assume she is dead. The suicide note, written in her own hand, confirms it. 

The investigation is closed and her clothes are buried in a small casket in the pre-cut grave – one of seven dug before winter in the graveyard above Inussuk, a small Arctic settlement on the exposed west coast of Greenland.

For retired Police Constable David Maratse, the funeral is just a formality, something to be endured, if only to convince the press, the politicians, and the police, that Petra, one of Greenland’s finest officers, is dead.

As the hunt for the teenager’s killer resumes, Maratse harnesses his dog team, and slips away under the cover of the winter night to begin his search for Petra, free from the prying eyes of the press, far from the restraints of the law.

Set during the sunless and tortuous Greenlandic winter, on the sea ice over 600 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, “We Shall Be Monsters” is the third and the darkest to date of the three books in the Greenland Crime series featuring retired Police Constable David Maratse. 

Just as John Green was inspired by Shakespeare, I sought out one of my literary heroes: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Here’s the quote from Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus

“It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.”

Here’s a bigger cover – ‘cos I like big covers – followed by the usual plugs for the really cheap pre-order:

Available from Amazon

USAUKCanada, and Australia

Can’t get enough Arctic Noir or books set in polar regions?

If you haven’t already read it, try Frankenstein!

*The books for the Greenland Crime series on the Goodreads page are a little out of order at the moment. Rule of thumb: all of the short stories are set before the novels. So, it should read:

Greenland Crime Short Stories (80-100 pages)




The Last Flight

The Heart that was a Wild Garden

Story 6 “Untitled”

Story 7 “Untitled”

Story 8 “Untitled”

Greenland Crime Novels

Seven Graves, One Winter

Blood Floe

We Shall Be Monsters

Book 4 “Untitled”

Book 5 “Untitled”

Book 6 “Untitled”

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