Fearless Girl!

Since reading the CNN article about Fearless Girl, and then a second article in Adweek, I have really enjoyed seeing the different photos and reactions to this bronze symbol of hope, potential, and power. Yes, I am reminded of why I choose to write strong female lead characters, but more so, I am reminded of strong, inspirational female leaders, and the young women and girls they once were.


Because one of those strong female leaders I grew up around was my mother. Like Fearless Girl, my mother took on the world and raised me by herself during a time when single mothers were scorned, a time when the man was predominantly right. She took on the world and worked hard to become a leader, a director, and I remember seeing the determination in her eyes shine just as fiercely as Fearless Girl‘s, no matter what bull or bullish male entity came charging toward her.

As a child and a teen I never really understood. As an adult I can better appreciate it, and as a male I can respect it.

In the spirit of Fearless Girl, and the present and future female leaders of the world, I will continue to write strong female characters in my stories, and I look forward to seeing where such adventures take me, and them.


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