The Sands of Sacrifice


I am not the only writer with a “good luck tradition”, but I might be one of the few where the tradition can potentially lead to the complete destruction of the manuscript. When I have my final rough draft I stick it in my backpack and drive to the beach. The West Coast of Denmark has one long, broad, fantastic beach, with plenty of waves. The tradition involves tossing the manuscript onto the sand at the surf line and grabbing it before the waves surge onto the beach. If I manage to get it before it is sucked out to sea, then I presume the story to be good enough to edit. If I get wet, and a struggle ensues, then I know that I am invested in the story, and will do what it takes to get it ready for publication.

It took me about three and a half years to reach the point where I was ready to toss The Ice Star into the sea, I am pleased to say it only took a few seconds to decide to grab it!

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