Of bears, wolves, and men


“I want the facts as they are fresh, so that I can compare them with the British version of events.”
“Burwardsley,” Fenna said. She struggled to stop her bottom lip from curling. “Who is he anyway?”
“We’ll get to that,” he said and picked up his notebook. He turned to a fresh page and nodded for Fenna to continue. “The wolf then. If we must.”

The men in The Ice Star are predators, at least some of them, the ones chasing Fenna across the ice. But the real wolves of Greenland, the Arctic wolf, conjure images of strength and resilience, character attributes that Fenna will need to survive and complete her mission.

I never saw a wolf during my time in Greenland, not even when we lived as far north as Qaanaaq. But I clearly remember the time when a polar bear came into town and starting making trouble. It had been seen at the graveyard, and again at the dump. On both occasions it was looking for food. My wife, Jane, told me about the sighting late one night.

I leaped out of bed and started pulling on clothes, grabbing my camera on the way out of the bedroom.

“Stop,” she said.


“It was yesterday.”

Right there… grounds for divorce! Clearly, we had a very different appreciation of what was newsworthy, and when.

We’re still married, and, funnily enough, living in Denmark, we now have a greater chance of seeing a wolf than we did in Greenland. they cross the border from Germany – our new backyard.

The Ice Star is available for pre-order from Amazon at a reduced price. Spoiler(ish) alert – bears and wolves feature in the story.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

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