Yeah, and it can kill you!


Greenland is beautiful. Always. Even in May, when the thaw sets in and the snow melts in the dog yard and the “winter treats” warm up and gush down the rocks in yellow and brown streams of…

You get the picture, but the smell is indescribable!

The sunsets and sunrises though – they never fail to please. Only during the dark periods, when you want  the sun to hang around for just a little longer – and it doesn’t. That can be tough.

But the beauty of Greenland, the raw, unadulterated beauty of ice, snow, rock and sun, and the sparse vegetation and wildlife that eek a living out in the wilds – that NEVER grows old.

I miss it.

There, I said it. But reliving the beauty of Greenland during the writing and rewriting of The Ice Star, compensated – to a degree – for the fact that I can no longer see glaciers from my kitchen window. If you get the chance to visit Greenland, do it. Just do it. You won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of the raw beauty in The Ice Star, as Fenna does her best to stay one step ahead of the men trying to kill her as she travels across the sea ice in the wake of an Arctic storm.

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