The Endgame


The endgame of The Ice Star is set in one of my favourite places in the world: Uummannatsiaq, at the end of Ikerasak Island in Uummannaq fjord, Greenland. I have spent several nights there, over a number of years, listening to the yip of Arctic Foxes, the barrage of iceberg artillery as great chunks of ice calve into the fjord, and the howl of the polar wind.

Since the first few drafts of the story, I have been working my way towards The Schoolhouse. Now that I have arrived – several years and many drafts later – I am hesitant to set foot in that house – I know what happens. Fortunately, The Ice Star is pure fiction, and I can live with what happens at the end of the island, after a long journey on the ice, at sea, and in the dark hold of a rather unique cruise ship.

I look forward to visiting the real Uummannatsiaq again sometime in the future, but I need to let the last few chapters sit for a while before I return.

It’s a beautiful place. A peaceful place, until, that is, The Ice Star anchors in the fjord and all hell breaks loose.

The Ice Star is available at a special pre-order price for kindle readers and apps from Amazon USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It is released on January 26th, 2017.

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