Just how thick is the ice?

the-ice-star-insert-1That was always the question when I lived on the island of Uummannaq, 650km north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland. The question was often raised around Christmas time, when the thin ice was the domain of the professional hunters only, and the Europeans waited for thicker ice and more daylight – the sun would creep over the horizon around the 11th January.

But this Christmas, in Denmark, the question has an altogether different meaning for me. I am less interested in knowing if the ice will bear my weight, but will The Ice Star, and its story, be strong enough to bear my hopes for my first thriller set in Greenland? Time will tell, but on the 26th January, 2017, Konstabel Fenna Brongaard will be fighting for her life and reputation in a hostile environment, far from help.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One – the opening scene: Continue reading “Just how thick is the ice?”